Freedom Counseling

Jesus offers freedom to all who follow Him.  And yet, often we live “stuck”; stuck in patterns of sinful behavior, stuck in unhealthy approaches in relating to one another, stuck in distorted thinking.  And no matter how hard we work to unleash ourselves from these areas, we often fail.  Counseling can be life changing and is frequently used by God as a means of healing, of being set free, and of restoring relationships.

At Freedom Counseling Center you will find skilled, experienced therapists who have helped clients just like you in building richer, more rewarding lives. Our therapists hold Masters degrees in counseling and are Licensed Professional Counselors in the State of Texas.

In addition to being clinically professional, we offer counseling that is Christ-centered, biblically based, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We meet people where they are spiritually.

Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, our therapists will help you identify destructive beliefs and ineffective coping mechanisms that may be hindering your path to freedom.